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Rita awarded Distributor of the Year (5 years in a row)

2014 Distributor of the Year

2013 Distributor of the Year

2012 Distributor of the Year

2011 Distributor of the Year

2010 Distributor of the Year



RITA HUI surpassed every other USANA Associate throughout the world to become the first 13-Star Diamond Director in the company!


Rita has written another new page in USANA’s history with her recent advancement. She credits her success to a never-give-up spirit and a dedicated work ethic. “Working hard helped me achieve my goal,” she humbly says.

Rita also provides her team with intensive training about the company, the products, and even their attitude. “I believe that attitude plays a great role in network marketing,” Rita explains. For her overseas downline members, Rita usually uses e-mail or chat rooms to communicate with them on a regular basis.

Although Rita places a lot of value on training and communication, she also knows how to motivate her team with fun. “My group in Hong Kong loves to dance, so we often have dancing parties that allow the members of my team to get to know each other better,” she says. “We all work very hard—sometimes all all night—but we also have a lot of fun together.”

Rita was taught once that to know what was going to happen in her life in the next five years, she simply had to look back at her life during the previous five years. “This lesson always repeats in my mind, and I believe that what I am doing right now is preparing for my future,” Rita says. “My USANA business is the only income which makes me feel secure for the future.”

Compared to her previous profession, Rita sees USANA as a low-risk business. “Although the fashion and network marketing industries both need good people skills, there is a lot of money required to operate a fashion store,” Rita explains. “The fashion business is also very unstable and sales are limited to certain markets.” Her USANA business, however, “does not require a large amount of money to operate, and it’s a business that can expand throughout the world. If we spend time and work hard, then all of us can greatly develop our USANA businesses, which in turn helps us gain stable incomes and improves our way of life.”

Rita’s decision to join a network marketing company in 1999 proved to be a good one. Choosing USANA as the company to join has proven to be an even better decision. “The cellular compensation plan is amazing,” she believes. “That helped me make the decision to put all my effort into building a business with this company. From the very beginning, I saw that there was endless potential here.” Finally, Rita encourages everyone that “nothing is impossible. When you set your goals, just work hard and you will achieve them.”

- Helpful Uplines and Distributors
- Effective Support and Trainings
- Excellent Business-Building tools
- Exciting atmosphere and

- Simple and Duplicable System
- Tap the experience from one of the   Top Distributors in USANA
- Huge overseas network to support
  your overseas associates.


It's obvious that 13-Star Diamond Director Rita Hui's hard work and leadership are paying off. Not only is she financially secure, but she's also having the time of her life. "I'm having more of a chance to travel around the world." she says. Having an international business such as USANA, and meeting people from different cultures, "I actually have the opportunity to learn so many new things about the world." She also admits that "staying in luxury hotels, tasting delicious food, meeting new people, and building more friendships" are all experiences she cherishes.

However, it's her dream of helping people achieve their dreams and have the freedom they deserve that really motivates Rita in this business. "With the unstable economic situation in the world nowadays, many people feel lost and frustrated. By introducing them to USANA, I can help people build confidence in their lives." she says. For Rita, helping others gives her a great sense of achievement.

USANA's goal of health and freedom is deeply ingrained in Rita's vision as well. She believes that earning a substantial income is an important way to secure one's future. "A long time ago an elder told me, 'If you want to see what is going to happen to your life in the next five years, simply look back at yourself five years ago.' I always repeat this moral in my mind, and I believe that what I am doing right now is preparing for my future," she says. "USANA definitely makes me feel secure of my future."

During the 2004 International Convention, Rita was the recipient of USANA's coveted President's Award. This achievement has greatly motivated her and her team. "I sincerely thank all my partners from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan." she says. "And I am going to continue to support them all and assist them in achieving their dreams."

Rita believes that she owes all she has accomplished in the past several years to USANA. "I will never find another business like USANA. It can help people, and it is helping me to enjoy my life."


Words of Wisdom 

In Network Marketing, there's a saying:

"Beginners look for Compensation Plan;
Veterans look for Company; and
Experts look for Team and Culture"

Yes, real experts in Network Marketing always look for a strong team to join. Because they believe that when they are in the right team, regardless of company, they'll move ahead much faster than if they are in the right company but the wrong team.

Although, with network marketing, you are in business for yourself, you will never be in business by yourself. We believe very much in teamwork and mentoring. There will always be capable mentors around to guide you.

In SMG (Smart Marketing Group) International Limited, we have the most people moved up a rank in the shortest possible time. As of now, we have a total of

15   Star Diamond Directors
26   Diamond Directors
53   Emerald Directors
150 Ruby Directors
201 Gold Directors


2014 - Awarded as Distributor of the Year (5 years in a row)

2013 - First 13-Star Diamond Director

2013 - Awarded as Distributor of the Year

2012 - Awarded as Distributor of the Year

2011 - Awarded as Distributor of the Year

2010 - Awarded as Distributor of the Year

2010 - Awarded the Asia Pacific Dr. Wentz Vision Award

2007 - Awarded USANA's First Asia Pacific President's Award

2006 - First 11-Star Diamond Director

2004 - Awarded the President's Award

2003 - First 7-Star Diamond Director

2002 - First Asia-Based 3-Star Diamond Director

2001 - Emerald Director

2000 - Gold Director

1999 - Joined USANA




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